Zion Canyon Native Flute School - General Schedule


For the most current and detailed schedule, see these versions of the schedule:


One of the main components of the Flute School are the five morning workshops. Participants are free to choose any of the workshops each day, and may switch between workshops. Here are some very brief descriptions of the approach for each of these workshop sessions:

Rona's Morning Workshop


Clint & Vera's Morning Workshop

We focus on techniuqes for (1) improving individual playing, (2) playing with other flutes as well as percussion, guitar, and piano, and (3) performing with no stress. Our approach uses group activities that are musical, fun, and result in learning by direct experience. Our goal is that all participants come away with tools to be more creative and expressive, to be able to jam with other musicians, and share these techniques in their flute circles.

Cornell and Joe's Morning Workshop


Scott's Morning Workshop